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Why Believe the Bible

Why Bible Study?

Why we should believe what the Bible says

There are many reasons why we should believe what the Bible says. Here are just a few of those reasons:

1.  No other 'holy' book can stand the level of scrutiny that has been applied to the Bible. The Bible is an "open book." Christians even welcome the scrutiny because they know the Bible can withstand it. This is not true of other 'holy' books such as the book of Mormon or the Qur'an.

2.  Historical writings (outside of the Bible), as well as archaeological finds have validated over and over that the accounts recorded in the Bible are accurate and truthful.

3.  Hundreds of prophecies of Christ predicted in the Old Testament have been fulfilled and recorded in the New Testament. In addition, many other prophecies ahve been fulfilled, such as the detailed account of the successive kingdoms to come described in Daniel 2 and 7. These facts give evidence that what the Bible says really does happen.

4.  The Bible was written by 40 people over a period of about fifteen hundred years. Even though these writers had different backgrounds the message of God's sovereignty and character was consistent.

5.  Jesus' story was recorded by four authors whose writing were public even during the day when eye witnesses could have contradicted those recorded stories. Each of the stories of Christ's life as recorded in the four gospels has withstood the test of eye witness accounts.

6.  Eleven of the 12 apostles, who fled at the cross, went to their deathbed claiming Jesus rose from the dead. What turned 11 wimps into bold witnesses for the ife, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as recorded in the New Testament writings? Why would sane men who were witnesses be willing to die as martyrs if the stories in the New Testament about Jesus were lies?

7.  The Bible also records the comprehensive history of man's relationship with God from the beginning of time on earth until the very end of time on earth and beyond. No other 'holy book' records such an expansive, detailed historical account over so many years.

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