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Psalms 31 - 41

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Psalm 31: Author: David
   Category: Psalm of Lament and Trust
   Theme: A Psalm of Complaint and Praise. For the choir director.
Psalm 32: Author: David
   Category: Wisdom Psalm
   Theme: Blessedness of Forgiveness and of Trust in God.
Psalm 33: Author: David
   Category: Psalm of Descriptive Praise
   Theme: Praise to the Creator and Preserver.
Psalm 34: Author: David
   Category: Wisdom Psalm, Psalm of Praise, this psalm is an Acrostic
   Theme: The LORD, a Provider and Deliverer.
           A Psalm of David when he feigned madness before
           Abimelech, who drove him away and he departed.
Psalm 35: Author: David
   Category: Lament (of innocence)
   Theme: Prayer for Rescue from Enemies.
Psalm 36: Author: David
   Category: Wisdom Psalm
   Theme: Wickedness of Men and Lovingkindness of God.
             For the choir director.

Psalm 37: Author: David
   Category: Wisdom Psalm, this psalm is an Acrostic
   Theme: Security of Those Who Trust in the Lord, and
             Insecurity of the Wicked.
Psalm 38: Author: David
   Category: Lament (of penitence) Psalm
   Theme: Prayer of a Suffering Penitent.
         A Psalm of David for a memorial.
Psalm 39: Author: David
   Category: Lament (of the individual) and Wisdom Psalm
   Theme: The Vanity of Life. For the choir director, for
Psalm 40: Author: David
   Category: Psalm of Declarative Praise and Lament
   Theme: God Sustains His Servant. For the choir director.
Psalm 41: Author: David
   Category: Psalm of Lament and Praise
   Theme: The Psalmist in Sickness Complains of Enemies
            and False Friends. For the choir director.

[ categories identified by Radmacher, 668-676]
[ themes and authors provided by NASB Giant Print Reference Bible Updated Edition ]

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