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Psalms 111 - 120

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Psalm 111: Author: Unknown
   Category: Psalm of Praise and Wisdom
   Theme: The LORD Praised for His Goodness.
Psalm 112: Author: Unknown
   Category: Psalm of Wisdom
   Theme: Prosperity of the One Who Fears the LORD.
                (Note: Psalm 111 and 112 are not connected,
                            but, they form an acrostic together)
Psalm 113: Author: Unknown
   Category: Psalm of Descriptive Praise and Passover Psalm
   Theme: The LORD Exalts the Humble.
Psalm 114: Author: Unknown
   Category: Passover Psalm
   Theme: God's Deliverance of Israel from Egypt.
Psalm 115: Author: Unknown
   Category: Passover Psalm, Praise (community)
   Theme: Heathen Idols Contrasted with the LORD.

Psalm 116: Author: Unknown
   Category: Passover Psalm, Psalm of Declarative Praise,
                    Messianic Psalm
   Theme: Thanksgiving for Deliverance from Death.
Psalm 117: Author: Unknown
   Category: Passover Psalm, Psalm of Descriptive Praise
   Theme: A Psalm of Praise
Psalm 118: Author: Unknown
   Category: Passover Psalm, Psalm of Declarative Praise
   Theme: Thanksgiving for the LORD'S Saving Goodness.
Psalm 119: Author: Unknown
   Category: Wisdom Psalm (Torah),
             Forms an Acrostic pattern with 8 verses per letter
   Theme: Meditations and Prayers Relating to the Law of God
Psalm 120: Author: Unknown
   Category: Song of Ascent, Lament Psalm
   Theme: Prayer for Deliverance from the Treacherous.

[ categories identified by Radmacher, 723-729]
[ themes and authors provided by NASB Giant Print Reference Bible Updated Edition ]

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