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Psalm 60

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Psalm 60 is a psalm for warriors.
David was fighting against Mesopotamia and Syria of Zobah. They suffered a terrible initial defeat. David talks to God, God answers and this psalm reports that 12,000 Edomites were killed in the Valley of Salt.
[Unit 3, BE 109, Transcript, 12-13]

"According to the superscription, this psalm is a part of the history recorded in 2 Samuel 8:1-14 and 10:6-18 and 1 Chronicles 18:1-13 and 19:6-19, when David was winning battles and getting a name for himself (2 Sam. 8:13). While he was up north fighting the Arameans (Syrians), the Edomites attacked Israel from the south, doing a great deal of damage. David dispatched Joab with part of the army, and Joab and Abishai (1 Chron. 18:12) defeated Edom in the Valley of Salt,

south of the Dead Sea. David must have written the psalm shortly after hearing the bad news of the invasion by Edom, but the psalm manifests a spirit of trust and confidence that the Lord would give Israel the victory, and He did."
[Wiersbe, 202]

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