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Psalm 2

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"Was written to be sung at the coronation of the king of Judah and each descendant of David."
[Unit 5, BE 109, Transcript, 37]

This is both a messianic psalm and a royal psalm. This psalm is "a royal psalm, referring to the coronation of a Jewish king." [Wiersbe, 88]

"This psalm is built on the Davidic covenant (2 Samuel 7)."
[Unit 5, BE 109, Transcript, 38]

The basic idea here is that there will always be a Davidic king and eventually the reign of the King Messiah will fill this role.
[Unit 5, BE 109, Transcript, 38]

There have been errors in thinking about Psalm 2:7. "Today" is the problem. Some say, "today I've begotten You is the eternal today of the eternal God. That is eisogesis."  
[Unit 5, BE 109, Transcript, 42]

"This psalm is speaking about the words of the Davidic covenant and on the day when the king was crowned the prophet would say and the priest would confirm, 'Now God in heaven is saying of you today you are my son."
[Unit 5, BE 109, Transcript, 42]

"Jesus had a Davidic geneology and when He was baptized God said, "This is my beloved Son." Here Jesus is designated as the successor of David following the Davidic covenant and that is not talking about his eternal sonship, it's talking about his kingly sonship."
[Unit 5, BE 109, Transcript, 43]

"Every other king is succeeded by his son... Jesus in His resurrection succeeds Himself."
[Unit 5, BE 109, Transcript, 43]

"Both Psalm 2 and 2 Samuel 7 go far beyond David and his successors, bor both the covenant and the psalm speak about a universal kingdom and a throne estabished forever. This can only be fulfilled in Jesus Christ."
[Wiersbe, 88]

"The late Dr. Geore Gill used to tell us in class, ' 'Kiss the Son' is the Old Testament way of saying, '... Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved...' (Acts 16:31)' 'Kiss the Son.' ... He is coming some day, and He is going to establish His kingdom here on this earth. He is going to rule, and He is going to put down all rebellion. He will bring peace and harmony to this little earth. "
[McGee, 670]

"Psalm 2 is quoted in the New Testament in reference to His resurrection."
[Unit 5, BE 109, Transcript, 43]

"Psalm 2 has it's ultimate fulfillment in Jesus, but had its immediate fulfillment in each successive king descended from David."
[Unit 5, BE 109, Transcript, 43]

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