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Psalm 110

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In regards to interpretation, Psalm 110 is the single most debated psalm at DTS and across academia.
[Unit 5, BE 109, Transcript, 44]

"This psalm is quoted or alluded to in the New Testament more than any other psalm, verse 1 at least twenty-five times and verse 2 another five times. Ten of these quotations or allusions are in the book of Hebrews alone."
[Wiersbe, 291]

This psalm is a messianic revelation.

Psalm 110: 1. "The LORD says to my Lord."
LORD is Yahweh and Lord is Adoni (emphasizes a personal relationship, even more strongly than Adonai).
[Unit 5, BE 109, Transcript, 44]

Conventional view: God spoke to the king and the king is the Lord of the writer.

Traditional view: David wrote the psalm (supersciption says he did). In other words it is from God to God. That means there's a Father and a Son described in the Old Testament. "David hears the voice of the Father to the One whom He calls 'Adoni, my Lord.'" This is how Jesus interpreted this in Matthew 22:41-46.
[Unit 5, BE 109, Transcript, 45]

"This psalm is remarkable because it sets for the deity of Jesus Christ. You could not in any way consider this psalm and still deny His deity."
[McGee, 834]

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