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Passover Psalms

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One of the most effective ways to teach spiritual truth is through song. Likewise, memories are often passed on most effectively through music. Aware of this, the ancient Hebrews composed Psalms 113 - 118 to be sung around the supper table during Passover.

The first two of the group were sung before the meal and the other four afterwards.

The themes of these six Passover psalms are:

Psalm 113: Praising God for releasing the downtrodden
Psalm 114: Escaping from Egypt
Psalm 115: Praising God together as a people
Psalm 116: Thanking God personally and giving oneself to Him
Psalm 117: Calling non-Jews to praise God
Psalm 118: Recalling God's steadfast, enduring love

[all of the above is directly quoted from Radmacher, 723]

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