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Use My Bible Companion as a gude while reading the Bible. Each book of the Bible includes introductory information, a brief description of the books relevance, what to look for as you read, a brief outline, and questions for reflecting on what you read and digging deeper into the meaning of the text.

My Bible Companion makes an excellent gift for those who have never read the Bible from cover to cover or for those who struggle to read the Bible daily.

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sample chapter

Obadiah 15. For the day of the LORD draws near on all the nations. As you have done, it will be done to you. Your dealings will return on your own head.

Date: 585 to 600 BC
Author: Obadiah
Theme: God judges those who persecute His chosen people.

The book of Obadiah deals with one brother’s descendants (Esau or Edom) hurting another brother’s descendants (Jacob or Israel). Do you have a sibling or a relative that has caused you some heartache? Have you been wounded? Have you confronted this relative or lashed out in anger against this relative? Or maybe you just ignored or hid from this particular person, trying to avoid further conflict or hurt. Look to the book of Obadiah to find God’s answer to those who seek the harm of His beloved.

Reading the little book of Obadiah will not take much time because it is the shortest book in the Old Testament at only twenty-one verses. Obadiah lived in Jerusalem, but he was prophesying against Edom, which is south of the Dead Sea in what is now Jordan. Obadiah explains that Edom did evil against Israel when they persecuted the Jewish refugees who were running for their lives from invaders. As a result, God will repay Edom back for the evil they committed against their brother Israel. History tells us that Obadiah’s prophecy has already been fulfilled. The Romans destroyed Edom shortly after 70 AD, erasing it from the historical map.

Look For
As you read this very short book, look for the sins Edom commits against Israel. Think about how you would have felt if you were in the same situation as the Israelites. Also look for the judgments against Edom.

Outline of Obadiah
Edom will face judgment (Obadiah 1–14)
The day of the Lord (Obadiah 15–21)
Judgment draws near for the nations, and there will be no survivor for
         Esau’s descendants (Obadiah 15–18)
The Lord’s kingdom established; Israel will inherit Edom (Obadiah 19–21)

Reflecting on the Facts

What was the attitude of the Edomites (Obadiah 3–4)? Petra, a city in Edom or Jordan, is a city hidden like an eagle’s nest in the clefts of the rocks. What did the Edomites do to the Israelites (verses 10–14)? What do verses 15 and 18 say will happen to Edom?

Dig Deeper
Do you have a sibling or a relative that has caused you some heartache? Have you hurt your sibling or another relative? Have these hurts put a strain on the relationship? What can you do to make amends with your relative?

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