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History of Classification

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History of Psalm Classification

"Before the early years of the 20th century people knew who read the Psalms that the Psalms had sadness but they didn't know how they worked. They knew some of the ideas of the Psalms and we knew that from the commentaries but they didn't understand the patterns. So it wasn't until Hermann Gunkel, a German scholar, in the 1910's began to study the forms of the Psalms that the patterns began to emerge for modern scholarship. And Gunkel was followed by Klause Vestermann in the post World War II era." [Unit 3, BE 109, Transcript, 14]

And I Will Praise Him
"is the first book written for the lay reader in English to develop the ideas of the forms of the Psalms." [Unit 3, BE 109, Transcript, 14]


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